LEAN with exclusive partnership with Flight Operations Engineering Inc. can perform the same flight procedures that the FAA can perform.  Additionally, LEAN can analyze the payload, optimal runway length, and other airline performance to analyze different runway configurations during construction to

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Leading The Way in LED Technology

LEAN was the electrical engineering manager and designer of record for a $221M construction project ($52M electrical) to relocate 7 of SFO's runway ends.  Work included development of flight procedures, NAVAIDS, LED light fixtures, vault, SMCGS, RWSL infrastructure, fiber communications as well as ALSF-2, MALSR, PAPI, Localizer, DME, and other airport critical systems.  The project required extensive stakeholder coordination with airport operations, FAA ADO, FAA SSC, Flight Operations, Flight Procedures as well a sophisticated phasing structure and coordination to ensure proper project completion.

Doron Lean, PE was invited to give a talk at the annual IES conference in Orlando, FL. on the Project Mitigation Risks Implemented for SFO's $220M Runway Safety Area Program.

San Francisco International Airport

​Runways 10-28 AND 1-19 RSA Program

Mike King, Lean's Chief Construction Manager was invited to speak to city youth on the Engineering and Construction Youth Initiative Program. We are proud to introduce these young minds to our Engineering field. 



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Construction Youth Initiative Program

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CA Aviation Project of the Year

​LEAN has been selected to provide engineering services to the Transportation Research Board to develop an LED handbook for implementation for airfield lighting fixtures.  Project includes surveying and development of a best practices guidebook in the optimization of LED technology.

Flight Procedure Development for North Field